Advice When Selling Your Property

Title Deeds

In most cases, we can obtain copies of your title through our direct electronic link with the Land Registry. However, we do need from you any original title deeds or other documents you are holding for instance leases, planning permissions etc. If you have a mortgage, these documents may be held by your Bank or Building Society and so you should let us have your mortgage account number and the bank's/building society's address or reference to enable us to obtain these documents direct. You may need to give written authority to your bank if they are holding them on your behalf.



This is only a brief outline and for general guidance only. Please note that we will not advise you on any taxation implications of your particular transaction. In associated areas where we do not have the necessary specialised knowledge in-house, we can call upon a wide range of specialists with whom we maintain close links who will act with us, or be able to supply the necessary information and expertise to supplement our own.

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax

    This is a tax payable to the Government by the buyer or lessee of a property. The threshold above which stamp duty land tax is charged and the amount payable varies from time to time and we will advise you when you instruct us how much will be payable on completion.

  • Income Tax

    This is payable on rent from investment properties (subject to allowable expenditure which can reduce the tax to nil) and on profits from property deals.

  • Capital Gains Tax

    This is payable when an asset is disposed of for more than its cost price. An individual's main residence is normally exempt from this tax, but if you have more than one property, run a business from home or let part of your property then a Capital Gains Tax liability may arise.

  • Inheritance Tax

    Inheritance Tax (the successor to Death Duties and Capital Transfer Tax) is normally payable on virtually all assets including a home on death, and on some lifetime gifts.

  • VAT

    This is not usually applicable to residential properties. However, it is applicable to professional fees.